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CrossFit-Fitness for Life

CrossFit-Fitness for Life

Whether you are a recent graduate of Fit Club Fundamentals or an advanced athlete, this class is for you. We expertly program to build functional strength and conditioning through workouts of the day (WODs) which we scale to every fitness ability. Our programming offers a comprehensive environment for athletes of all levels to work on progressive skills, exercise knowledge, capacity in the movements, and strength appropriate to their current level.

We believe in a constantly varied methodology which focuses on preparing our members the best we can for any physical and mental challenge that life throws at them. Our 60-minute classes will typically consist of a warm up, mobility session, strength and/skill work, a heart pumping workout and finally a cool down. But in true Fit Club style, come prepared to take on the unknown and unknowable because chances are you’ll be in for a few fun surprises that don’t follow that format.

Our fitness program works on the principle of Mastery. We utilize group fitness classes to get in the majority of workload and social interaction needed to have success long term. Our classes are structured with the belief that they need to be well rounded in all 10 components of fitness. It is not about making gains today but staying consistent and making long term permanent changes, Mastery!

The focus of these classes is to develop a general physical preparedness for life around these 10 general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, strength, speed, stamina, power, accuracy, balance, coordination, agility, and flexibility.

We have put together our program to allow you to train in a fun social group environment getting 90% of what you need in classes to succeed on a daily basis. Because not everyone is at the same spot in their training journey, the other 10% is spent interacting with your personal coach to fine tune motor patterns, diet adjustments and adjusting your programming to what you personally need at this point in your training. Our certified, professional instructors will teach you proper progressions and body mechanics to help you safely become the best you ever.

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