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You’ve made it this far. And you’ve obviously decided to take a greater stock in your health and fitness goals by becoming part of a community that trains hard and is not afraid of the intense physical and mental challenges that come with achieving optimum fitness. I would encourage you to not stop here. Train. For. Something.

Many former and current athletes gravitate to Crossfit for its challenging and competitive aspects. But you don’t have to be a former all-American to train like an athlete. Whether you were voted most likely to win an Olympic medal in high school, or you have never been involved in a sport or athletic competition in your life, put this training to use! There are any number of runs, races, and competitions year round in Ohio and around the country. Seek out an event and make it a goal to commit yourself to your training.  Training your ass off for no purpose other than looking and feeling good or wear tight t-shirts can be incredibly boring. You will often find that you lack motivation and you will plateau without holding yourself accountable to a meaningful goal.  


  Maybe your goal is to win a weightlifting competition, or maybe just to run a 5k without stopping. It doesn’t matter, everything is relative.  However, do not sell yourself short by setting an easily achievable goal that does not make you put in some serious effort. Start small if you are unsure of yourself and keep setting the bar higher as much as you can. We had a handful of people from Fit Club compete in The Gaunlet at Alum Creek recently. There probably wasn’t a single obstacle on the course that these Crossfitters don’t see on a weekly basis at the gym. Some of us at FC also had the “pleasure” of running the Tough Mudder a few months ago, and I can personally say that the workouts and exercises we perform on a daily basis prepare you well for a long event that requires you run, jump, climb, crawl, swim (and be electrocuted!!).


The Fit Club Summer Games are less than two months away right now. This is a perfect time to zone in on your training and register to compete in a great local Crossfit competition that gets bigger and better every year. (We will probably be getting some great Crossfit athletes from the region to come this year). If you have never competed in Crossfit outside of the gym, you really need to do this! What do you experience during a Crossfit competition?  Take your average class WOD, then add a cheering crowd, tons of adrenaline, turn up the intensity, and have a lot of fun. You will go harder and faster than you have in your entire life.  Even if you have to scale a WOD and can’t qualify to win the event, you will better yourself through the experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet and compete with other Crossfitters outside of your own gym.

Do yourself a favor and seek out a competition to give your training purpose. Tell your friends and fellow FitClubbers what you are doing. We want to hear about it and make sure you are getting productive, quality training sessions. And we can give you the push you may need in the middle of a workout when that little voice in your head says, “I can’t do this.”  Don’t be afraid to take your workouts to the next level. Many of you are training as hard as some professional athletes; you might as act like one.
Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust. -Jesse Owens