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Chelsea McAlexander

Featured Athlete

Chelsea McAlexanderName: Chelsea McAlexander Hometown: Groveport, Ohio Occupation: Dietetic Technician, Columbus Public Health and Group Fitness Instructor How long have you done CrossFit: 6 months now Background/sports played: Volleyball and track in high school (I threw the shot-put if you’re wondering why I was on the track team. ) Favorite lift/movement: anything heavy with low reps; anything you only have to do once (which doesn’t happen much) Least favorite lift/movement: running while holding random objects Favorite WOD: The Sevens Least favorite WOD: Murph I like...PR’ing, getting better, getting faster, cheering people on and knowing they are there for me and loud, heavy music while I'm WOD'ing. I eat...constantly! I love nuts and meat! =) I do...seem to always be the one who gets asked questions from pedestrians while I'm WOD'ing. I must look super friendly. I am...hungry! Something people would be surprised to know about you: I have a dog named Poopey, I carry a pocket knife with me everywhere I am legally allowed, I love white water rafting and killing a 8 point buck is on my bucket list.