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Chelsea McAlexander

Featured Athlete

chelsea-mac-1Age: 26 Hometown: Groveport, OH Occupation: Dietetic Technician, CrossFit Coach Dream Job: ...uhhhh! How long have you been with Fit Club? How did you get started? 3.5 years. Mitch and I knew each other from back in the day. He invited me to come train at the gym after I had been secretly obsessed/terrified with his daily workout Facebook posts. I joined after my first workout. What is your favorite workout or movement? Why? It always changes. I like heavy cleans a lot, but I also like gymnastic stuff because I'm so horrible at it. What do your most dreaded workout or movement? Why? Running...anything with running, or rope climbs, high rep pullups. Assuming wellness was not a consideration, what would be your most epic meal? Oh it changes all the time. I honestly love a big chicken salad, and fruit. That's always a classic favorite. Not that epic...sorry. You've known Mitch a long time. Can you pinpoint your favorite Mitch-ism? "All you have to do is what you say you are going to do and people trust you." What's the most meaningful change you've seen in yourself since joining Fit Club? It would be impossible to answer in a few sentences. Accepting difficult things as challenges instead of threats comes to mind. Not letting fear get in the way of what you are afraid of. What has Fit Club/CrossFit taught you about yourself? Just keep going! Enjoy the ride. We are just having fun! What motivates you to push yourself further? Seeing empowerment in kids and other people. You will be competing in the 2014 Weightlifting Nationals in Salt Lake City. What are your goals for that event? Have fun, have a good experience, learn a lot, be a better coach, do the best I can, and make all the people who have supported me proud! You teach Fit Club's On Ramp program. What, in your opinion, is the most important thing for a beginner to know? Don't let your fear stop you! Just go! Just don't stop coming and you'll get there...and there are really awesome people who will help you along the way.