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Check out the CrossFit Games on The Deuce

Check out the CrossFit Games tonight on ESPN 2 at 8:00 PM What is CrossFit, Article or video. Programatically it s a lot of things and there are a lot of explanations that may make me sound  like I know what I’m talking about but very basically it’s the best general fitness program on the planet. Anyone can do it, you’ll be in the best shape of your life, have a great time doing it with really great people and it will make you better at anything you do physically, mentally and emotionally. You should do it ! You should do it in your yard, garage, basement, gym or local affiliate but you need to do this. Who are we, what is Fit Club?  Fit Club is a community  of people dedicated to exercise and fitness programming that improves practical physical performance.  Fit Club athletes are as diverse as the people walking down the street but they all have a few things in common: They are hard working achievers. They understand goal setting and attainment they value hard work, the rewards it provides and they are damn cool people. Our athletes range from those who are training for a specific event (race, sport, expedition, military service, weight loss) to those who simply come to the gym for their daily workout, a good time and a sense of community.  The needs of our elite  and beginner athletes differ by degree not kind. We work, struggle and triumph together. Many of you know all this, CrossFit and Fit Club are very close to you and you may be a little anxious (I am) about all the good (more cool people, products and ideas) and bad (think Shape article, globo gyms and other crossfit knock offs) that  inevitably come with the mass media coverage . Whether it remains your secret weapon or the whole world knows about it, the truth remains, this is the best general fitness program around.  Counterfeit money doesnt alter the value of real money. CrossFit will challenge a person physically and mentally more than any other program on the planet. You’ll get a daily dose of inspiration from amazing athletes like what are featured in the games and by everyday people doing things neither of you thought were possible. So flip on ESPN 2  or go to a local bar and watch what myself and thousands of other have been talking so much about.  Then give us a call ( 614-500-3883) or email  ( and come try it. I guarantee it will make your life better.