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Cassie Cole

Featured Athlete

Cassie ColeName: Cassie Cole Hometown: Sidney, OH Occupation: Tax Senior Manager at Deloitte How long have you done CrossFit: almost 1.5 years Background/sports played: Cross-country, swimming, track (12 Varsity Letters in High School) Favorite lift/movement: Back Squat Least favorite lift/movement: Overhead Squat Favorite WOD: Any WOD with running Least favorite WOD: Changes constantly! For a while, it was any WOD with pull-ups. Now it is any WOD with rope climbs or double unders. I like...Traveling, hanging out with friends/family, water-skiing, the beach, my dog, CrossFit, and my job. I eat...Everything in moderation. I do...Anything that makes me happy. I am...Happy that I found Fit Club! I am stronger than what I was in high school and enjoy the team atmosphere of the workouts! Are there any new challenges or activities (within or outside of the gym) that you've taken on since beginning CrossFit? (like races, other sports, or just general fun "life" stuff): Participated in the Gauntlet in the summer of 2012. I realized that I miss the competitive nature of races. What's the biggest change you've seen in yourself since beginning CrossFit?: My upper body strength has greatly improved! I started CrossFit doing pull-ups on the green band and now I can do at least one strict pull-up! Something people would be surprised to know about you: I spent 12 weeks in India for work and I do not like spicy food. I mostly ate Domino's pizza and naan (flabread) - it is a Paleo nightmare with all of those carbs!