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4 body fat burning workouts per week

Nutrition, Mobility, and Accountability

1. Get four HIIT 45-minute burn sessions per week

Get your BURN on with our HIIT workouts that will challenge your mind, body, & soul. Each coach led workout comes with exact directions, demonstrations for correct form and technique, and the motivation needed to get the best out of you!

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2. Measurement Tracking with myzone

Myzone amplifies the group exercise experience. It provides valuable data for group training with real time heart rate, calories, and intensity displayed with five simple color-coded personalized zones. Set goals before a session; delivering motivation and reward once during and after the workout session is complete. 

2. Online Nutrition 

Pick a meal plan based on your fitness goals directly through the mobile app. You can customize every meal to your preferred taste or dietary requirements.

3. Mobility 

Mobility training can improve the range of motion of your joints and muscles which can assist in improving your posture. Mobility training can alleviate 'everyday' aches and pains as well as improve our body awareness. So we've added an entire library of movements to help increase your mobility that you can access straight from the app.

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