Class Schedule Update

Jul 5, 2020

 by Mitch Potterf

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

Maya Angelou

Effective July 6th, 2020 We will be suspending classes on Thursdays and Sundays. That means no FC WOD/General class on Thursday or Sundays until further notice. The gym is still open on those days for Personal Training. This is not a statement this is just an adjustment to current events. Do not read anything into this adjustment.
This is not necessarily a permanent development. This is what we are doing now in response to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in Franklin County. We will evaluate this after two weeks and adjust appropriately. The days off will give us needed time to perform maintenance and more thorough cleaning as well as other events we'll share with you in a few days.
Why Thursday & Sunday ?

Thursday and Sunday have always been the lightest days from an attendance standpoint. This has remained true over the last month. My fundamental programming suggestion  over a seven day week has always been train three days on, one day off and two days on then one day off. One off day should be fully off and one off day should be active rest ( run,bike,swim,hike,yoga, sports etc.). When I make training plans I have always wanted people training hard and recording scores Monday through Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure I have ever done a benchmark wod or lift ( that I was tracking or building to) on either of those days. If you followed us over quarantine you would have noticed this. This is the training plan that has produced our best results we are now just going to follow it a bit stricter. It may take some getting used to but if you buy in and follow the plan you will notice the improvement in your fitness.

What are you going to do about it ?

Here is what you can expect. The same type programming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. We will focus on Strength, Accessory and WOD with a little extra push to do Extra Credit. You will still be able to get in and out in the same time. Saturdays we will still have the Comp WOD at 7:30 AM, Team WOD at 9:00 AM & and additional class WOD at 10:30 AM. Friday and Saturdays we will focus on the olympic lifts and then WOD. Thursdays and Sundays we will be taking advantage of the extra time to do more in depth disinfection and cleaning. Programming wise you can expect an on your own active rest challenge to be posted on Thursdays. This will either be a run, bike, ruck or light skill based home WOD to get you loose and ready to go back at it the next day

What can we the people do about it?

Last week the Mayor of Columbus mandated wearing masks in public. The Governor also shared a map of the state and noted Franklin county as a hot spot. This isn't over but we aren't powerless. Do your part. Take care of yourself ( That's why we are here), limit your exposure in public by maintaining social distance, washing your hands and wearing a mask.

All current gym procedures are still in place ( schedule online, show up, wash hands, work hard, go home)

YOU DO NOT NEED TO WEAR A MASK IN THE GYM. But after two weeks of WODs in a mask you can probably handle wearing one in the grocery or restaurant.