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Are you a Zombie Hunter?

“What are you training for, “Why are you doing that?” We hear these and many other phrases on a daily basis. So what are you training for? To kill zombies of course. Whether that’s the designed purpose or the easiest thing to utter to the idiot at the bus stop while gasping for air, we all ask ourselves that question at some point (and if you don’t stop sucking and try some awesome). What keeps us going is a strength of will from friends and commitment to a goal of excellence. What are Zombies ? While I suppose it's possible that magic or an unstoppable virus could infect the human race ( in which case running,jumping ,climbing, lifting,  throwing and slamming things seems like a pretty useful training program huh) I'm not so sure its a plausible reality. So aside from health and sport what good are all these skills we play with. There may be a few shades of gray but for the most part things in your life fit in one of two categories, givers and takers. Zombies are the brain eating soul stealing monsters of mediocrity in your life. It could be disease, poor health, performance, personal doubt or the assholes in your life that bring you down and take with out giving. Zombies are really anything in your life that is mediocre or sub standard, the shit you settle for when you know you can do better. Everyday your making choices whether or not to set a standard, aggressively pursue your goals and be great or to succumb to the takers and soul suckers ( that little voice that says stop) and accept mediocrity. We haven't had a lot of  shirts at FC mostly because I can't stand the idea of someone buying a shirt because they are all stoked to tell everyone they CrossFit then shit gets hard and this punk ass is wearing our logo in some globo gym  riding the elliptical and hitting the lunk alarm. The Zombie Hunter Shirt was created for two reasons. Honor those serving our country and have a kick ass FC shirt. I think we did a pretty good job making it appropriately bad ass. Now its on you to wear it with pride and live up to the title. So now when you want to quit, slack or accept less than awesome remember what your training for. To kill Zombies of course. Happy Halloween! Mitch The Zombie Hunter Shirt is $15 and you can return it anytime in any condition for a full refund if you decide you would rather suck and be mediocre. We'd actually prefer it that way.