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Aileen O'Donnell

Featured Athlete

Aileen-ODonellAge: 26 Hometown: Peninsula, OH Occupation: Legislative Liaison for Department of Taxation How long have you done CrossFit and why did you decide to start?: I started 11 months ago.  After exclusively training for half and full marathons for three years, I hit a slump and needed a new challenge.  I had also never picked up a weight or barbell in my life, so I wanted to try weight training. What do you LOVE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to Fit Club? Why? Rope climbs - I could not do them during my first month and it was the first thing I wanted to conquer. Now, I think they are pretty fun to do. What do you HATE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to Fit Club? Why? Double unders and rowing - they seem like easy movements but can be deceptively hard! I am a very inefficient rower and need to work on my form. What’s your go-to “cheat” meal? (not to call you a cheater.) I'll never say no to a cheeseburger. Favorite Mitch-ism: If you can't do a push up correctly, you shouldn't be working on anything else... What's the biggest change you've seen in yourself/your life since beginning CrossFit? The winter challenge helped me clean up my diet.  Now that I am eating better, my fitness level overall has improved. More importantly, I have learned to stop letting my head get in the way and stop making excuses.  Crossfit has helped with my mental toughness which can translate into nearly any other activity. Aileen-ODonel-2What has Fit Club/CrossFit taught you about yourself? I have found a new sense of motivation and discipline to push myself and work harder.  I used to be happy with mediocre workouts or running a few miles and calling it a day. Now, I want to find new challenges and work harder than before. What motivates you to push yourself further? Hitting goals that I set for myself - it is an incredible feeling to accomplish something I could not do a month ago.  By setting incremental and realistic goals, it helps keep me focused and excited for the next challenge.  The awesome people at Fit Club also keep me motivated by offering words of encouragement or helping me with skills.  They are the best! Tell us something cool about yourself: Later this month I am running a 180 mile relay trail race in West Virginia with some of my amazing Fit Club friends!