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4th Annual FC Summer Games- All you need to know

Please pay attention
Registration is and has been closed. We are not letting in anymore people, we are not trading spots and we are not refunding anything.
Park where directed in the FC lot then follow the Park Ranger Direction, There are no fees for parking. There should be plenty of parking but carpool when ever possible, it's just cool.
Check In
Athlete Check In will begin at the Gym Friday August 16th at 2 PM. Please come to check in prepared to show your ID. You will be marked with a number, receive a T shirt, bib numbers,swag bag and any additional instruction for the weekend. Once you are checked in on Friday you are done checking in for the weekend. The gym will be open from 2:00 PM Friday through the end of Fridays WOD and set up. Please if at all possible check in Friday.
Friday Heat Times & Events- The Gym
This doc will contain your heat times for each event.
Due to work and travel Friday we MAY be able to put you in a later heat but only if we can move people up sooner. But you should all be ready to go at 6:30 PM. WOD info to follow. We will have a small cookout after the event Friday, you are welcome to come but not expected. If you are looking for a good place downtown to eat dinner I can make a few recommendations.
Saturday Heat Times- The Park
This doc will contain your heat times for each event on Saturday.
Your assigned times are your assigned times. These are NOT changing and we will start right on time. If you miss your heat you may miss your opportunity. I will not delay the whole day because someone is late, please do not put me in that position. If you run into an emergency situation find me during the day.
Saturday Schedule and Operation
As stated earlier we will run on time and missed heats will be missed opportunities. Please DO NOT be late.
7:00 AM- Gym open, additional check in
8:15 AM-  The Pad -Athlete meeting
8:30 AM- The Pad -Opening Ceremony
8:45 AM- The Pad First 3 Heats report to the Athlete Corral- Athletes must be here 15 minutes prior to all assigned heats
9:00 AM- The Pad-WOD 1 Begins
10:30 AM- The Field-WOD 2 Begins
*following WOD 2 all athletes will be re ranked and assigned to heats in rank order, Fastest first. The Elite Division will start first in every WOD
12:00 PM -The Hub- WOD 3 Begins
* We will resort after WOD 3 to determine the finals
4:30- The Hub-Finals begin
5:30- The Hub- Awards
6:00- Clean up and party at Gym
We are using an online scoring system, this will rank you as soon as the info is entered. Please do not bug the scorers table we will get it entered as fast as we can. Many of the WODs will have multiple scoring opportunities
We will use experienced coaches and athletes to judge the elite division and will hold the highest standard possible through out the event for everyone. All that being said people will screw up, they will miss a rep or make a bad call. DO NOT under any circumstances be disrespectful to any volunteer.This is not a gray area and will not be tolerated Bring any concerns to me or Dave Ulmer following the event and we will make a ruling.
Do you need more help? The answer is always yes. We have a lot lined up but the more people help out the more fun everyone can help out. All you or a friend has to do to volunteer is check in at the volunteer table for each event and they will direct you where needed. Each event a person volunteers for will enter them in a raffle to win prizes. As long as we have them I will give a t shirt to anyone that help for an entire event. please tell friends to volunteer early and often.
You should bring a jump rope, change of clothes and shoes. We will be on both hard and soft surfaces and outside, who knows what will happen. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water its a long day.
Elite Division- No scaling just stare at the bar and feel shame.
Open Division- Don't Scale ,rise to the occasion. That being said if you choose to scale you will have options not choices. In training I think you should scale to give you appropriate stimulus. But this is a test not training and due to time and equipment accessibility the best training stimulus may not be an option. Don't worry we know what we are doing you will be OK. Once you scale all scores will be voided. Some events may be improbable for you but the next might not, its your choice. but sometimes staring at a bar make you stronger.
Tent City
Events will take place through out the park, the best place to camp for the day will be at the top of the hill near the shelters. There is a few charcoal grills in the park and other grills are allowed. Tent Stakes are OK. Ice baths are OK, banners on your tent are OK ( provided they are appropriate)
Food and Beverage
There will NOT be any food vendors in the park, Please either A, plan to bring and cook your own food or B. Travel to a local restaurant between events, there are several not more than a mile from the park. There is even a Kroger about 5 minutes from the location. Coolers are OK but alcohol is prohibited on Park property.
WOD announcement
I will post the WOD to Social Media Friday Morning and evening.