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Skill- Clean Speed ladder This was the second coolest event I have seen in the history of CrossFit. First was the hill run in Logan, nothing can beat that so don't try , settle for the clean speed ladder it may be surpassed by the Snatch speed ladder but for now it's like a double rainbow wodgasm of awesome.  Bring clean underoos. We will set up about 10 bars on each side of the rig. Girls bars and guys bars. You will line up and go in order for four bars. You have to pick your start point and will finish exactly 4 bars afterward. You will get 3 trips through the ladder. Now change your pants it's time for the WOD. Sprint Course We will do this in groups of 3-4. Everyone will start with the duck walk. This is new to most of you and will seem weird but for most people not fighting fires or bad guys the most real word application of strength will be helping a buddy/favorite gym move. Moving most real world awkward objects looks like a duck walk carry. During the first FC Summer games a bodybuilder commented on how we "won on technique especially on the sled pull". While Im flattered I can tell you our technique was not anything to brag about, it was horrible. But it was full of grit and a lets do it attitude. We have come a long way on barbell and gymnastic movements. Movement technique and the focus on it it at a very high level and it shows. Sled pulls however are not so much about technique. Grab the straps and pull that thing as fast as you can for as long as you can. If you're not done keep moving. There is no magic technique just you are your will to keep going. Pretty sweet huh! Sprint with benefits. This will be a 100m course with a few things thrown in for your pleasure. You will enjoy it and you'll get to do it three more times.