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Why is it six rounds? Because seven will be too much. Do not over think this. 3,2,1 go do the first two rounds as fast and unbroken as you can. Then rest 2 minutes and repeat this pattern two more times. Aim to have consistent times each round. If not consistent, note where it breaks down ( time,movement etc.) A few thoughts: Rounds 3-4 & 5-6 just aren't close - You have stamina issues, be more diligent with your pacing and keeping up with some extra credit I hate Goblet Squats- You may have good barbell technique but when that can't confer you an advantage and its just core and leg strength you are exposed. Goblet squats are simple to work on the daily-Do it. Rope climbs are stupid- False your weak ass grip and midline are stupid. The stronger your footbrake the less you will have to labor through them. Be methodical not frantic, set your feet and stand. Getting stronger won't hurt either. Piss on double unders- This comes down to nothing more that motivation and consistent practice. Just be diligent daily, they add up quick. Scale for the WOD to be a minute worth of DU or SU. If you piss all over the place you better get a good time.