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This could get a little long if you don't manage the rest and breaks well ( or you didn't scale it like you should). Start off nice and relaxed being first to the run isn't going to change anything. Shoot for UB DU's, yup UB. 50 is a reasonable target to shoot for for DU's. If you cannot do that adjust the total number/set. You should work for :30-1 minute on this station. Run at a hard pace. The runs could be more than half of the WOD so you will waste a lot of time with a slow pace. If you can't move under 2 minutes on a 400 ( best conditions) you should pull back on the run distance a few 100m. Stop get a breath (5 -10 sec).Wallballs. Get in and out in a minute. if this isn't possible adjust the height,weight and/or reps. Nobody goes over 25 minutes. You should shoot for low 20s. This isn't a Hero WOD its Wednesday. Move fast and continuous if you slow much beyond 4:30/round either adjust,suck it up or race for the time cap.