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Over the next few days ( Thursday, Friday and Saturday) we are having Bring A Friend Days at Fit Club. All class all day are open for guest to come with members. If you can't come with a member just send us and email and we will set up s a time for you to come enjoy the fun. If you are a member it's easy, just go find a friend or make one and bring them to the gym. If you are worried about it being too hard or intimidating stop. All work outs are scaled/modified to each persons individual abilities. This isn't always and easy process but we have been doing it for a long time so we're pretty good. If you are intimidated I get it. You walk in see a bunch of jacked people working really hard and doing the seemingly impossible or scary. ¬†Two things, I guarantee I can find one of those people that was just like you when they started. They could never do...... or ....... and definitely not .......... I know you think I'm crazy and in several regards you are correct but trust me on this one. You can do it and once you do you won't be the same and many of the people you will call friends and things you enjoy to do will be the stuff¬†that may have been intimidating.