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Those that can chain together good muscle ups and find away to efficiently do DHSPUs should go at this Rxed. We have made a lot of progress with the DHSPU, the same will happen for MU or pull ups when you decide they are the "standard".  Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can't do these things, just be positive and work at it.  
I got all the tricks but not all the time. I might be a Unicorn AMRAP 12 min   I could do MUs if I were stronger or lighter. AMRAP 12 min   You know who you are. AMRAP 12 min
1 MU 2- Pull Ups Strict 6- Shoot Through
2-Dips at top of MU 6- Shoot Through 10- Swings - hvy
1 DHSPU-3.5" ( 45# Bumper) 8- Swings - hvy
6- Push Ups
8 Kettlebell swings - 70/53