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Not sure where or how but somehow CrossFit got characterized as not having any predetermined rest intervals. Much like many other assumptions in fitness here we just get all crazy, break all the rules ( we didn't know about) and rest for a predetermined time ( 2 Minutes) One of the other things that seems to pop up is a lack of differentiation in the prescribed loads (weights). If you can move the prescribed weight efficiently ( sound mechanics and at a good pace) then go with it. If not then adjust to a weight, reps scheme or movement that enables you to accomplish this. Coaches can help with this. Here are a few examples  of scaling up and down the rails.
4 rds 4 rds 3 rds
15-Power Snatch -95/65 15 Dumbbell Snatch 50/35 15-Power Snatch -135/95
15 OHS 95/65 15 Goblet Squat 50/35 15 OHS 135/95
Row 250m Row 250m Row 250m
Rest 2 min btw rds Rest 2 min btw rds 15-Power Snatch -135/95
15 OHS 135/95
Row 250m
Rest 2 min btw rds