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Before we get into any discussion on how here is why This one is less about the thruster and more about rope climbs. On behalf of everyone ho has done CrossFit longer than a year spare the internet pictures of your burned shins. Wear a shin guard ( these or thesegloves may also be a good idea and take a pic of your smile. The thruster are where the race is. Top times will be UB with any breathing time coming in the inevitable break during rope climbs. If you can figure out how to touch and go on a rope climb you could save some effort and time. The time cut at Regionals is 16 minutes which I like because it is really going to make them push. I think we will see sub 12. Recommendations for normal people- Partner up , double the thrusters and split the rope climbs or do 6,5,4 on the rope climbs. If you are going to attack this Rxed you better have a solid footbrake, midline and grip or you're in for a long day.