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3,2,1 push then press. Actually it's clean then push and press. My point is use your legs not just your arms and shoulders that will cost a lot later one. You can even jerk it if you prefer just get it moving with your legs and finish with your arms. After the last PP catch in the back rack and set your OHS grip. Steadily move through the OHS. Moving to fast can lead to bad position and costly reps. Focus on keeping the bar over your head and your chest up. Finish off the round with Toes to Bar. Bot toes hit he bar at the same time, not one then the other. Pop your hips, pull on the bar and drive your knees up. As your knees drive up finish with a kick. After your toes touch the bar swing your legs back and maintain a tight midline and repeat. FAQs How fast should I go ?  Yes! What if I can't do an OHS ?  You can do an OH Lunge What if I can't do Toes to bar? A lot of this depends on why ( fatigue,lack of UB Strength, lack of core strength) Lets just go with a hollow rocks and see what happens.