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Or? WTF will I do with all these choices?  These are WODs 3& 4 for the CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier. We want you to pick the WOD you think you can do best on. Both because its fun and we want to see what happens. We will ask some of you to do it at certain paces or strategies just to see what happens. Come ready to bring it. We will warm up and run as a normal class but some classes may have two different WODs going on. The other two are a max Snatch and AMRAP5min 5 MU & 10 Cleans 155/105. These will be posted as extra credit, tell us what you think.

Event 3 looks like a remixed Diane. Deadlifts, Box Jumps & HSPU. Deadlifts always make the posterior chain tight and can complicate box jumps as well as a stable midline for HSPU. Jump and step down its safer  and I think the stepping down might help loosen up the low back. Don't go tip failure on HSPU- get it done and move on, be patient

Event 4 looks like another Girl Remix, Evil Jackie. Row a steady pace, push hard but with two rounds and chest to bars Im not sure there is any value in the sprints we see in Jackie. The thrusters are light but you will have to break, find a strategy that doesn't require many rests. Approach the C2B like the HSPU. If they are fluid go with it if they are labored stop be fore you are stopped

We need you here and we need your info so Rxed or scaled show up and show us what can happen.