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Pretty straight forward. All small sets so things should be unbroken and perfect. Standards are important, they are part of what lets us know we are actually improving versus thinking we are. The standard for Rxed pull ups is chest touching bar kipping is allowed on push ups it is chest touching the deck, kipping is NOT allowed. Please note I said chest not thighs or hips. Ground sex is prohibited. At Fit Club Industries we realize that thick thighs do save lives and some times that means said life savers may make out with the floor during push ups. No worries all you have to do is use someĀ 45# plates to build up the area for your hands and feet. Viola' ground sexless push ups. Modifications "I can do all the movements but not well"- move forward with a 12 min cap "I can do them but not to the standard" - Great do regular pull ups,hand release (still no ground sex) Push ups and Air Squats "WTF, I can't do this stuff"- STFU there is hope- Do Hinge Rows, Elevated Ring Push ups and Air Squats- 12 min cap