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This could take a bit. Lots of heavy reps. There are a few keys to getting the most out of the WOD. This is a hero WOD, it means a little more than just another day of training. I'm not going to give you a time cap, scale if you want/need just finish what you start and remember why it has a name. From a competitive/development standpoint here are some strategies.  This is a nice back and forth of heavy lifts and gymnastics. Sets aren't big, don't break them up. Set a pace, start a round every 3-5 minutes. Any slower than that and you aren't really ready for the full load much faster and you are a cyborg. The WOD starts off with HSPUs, not the full ROM kind but they will still add up. If you are in the sub 3min crew do deficit HSPU. Thrusters are heavy take a breath before the set and just go. Knees to Elbows, Please note it says Knees to Elbows not knees to tricep. Getting the knee to the Elbow takes a little extra effort but that is the standard. Yah Deadlifts, not too heavy so again take a breath and move through the whole set. Burpees, after the first half of the round falling down and getting up seven times shouldn't be too hard. The American Swings are heavy but once again nothing to break up. Pull ups, take a second and get them done. If you moved consistently through the round you should be on target, take a little break before you start he next round.