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A potpourri of exercise skills. Get the ankles and hamstrings really loose. We are starting off with 40 Box Jumps, stay steady, extend on the top and STEP down. Your not going to make up any real time rebounding and they will wear you out.  Next move on to the 20 pull ups, don't burn out on the pull ups the OHS will be toasty. OHS, lets see where the wheels fall off then drop the bar ,relax and finish. The Rxed version has all the dips taking place on high rings. This means you need to do a MU to get in the game. If your not careful this can lead to a lot of looking up at the rings and feeling frustrated. The Thrusters are gonna be fun, big chunks, keep moving. Toes to bar should take a few sets and finish with the burpees. This is going to be a long one, no time cuts, stick with it.