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Ring Muscle Ups and Squat Snatches, no big deal nothing to see here. You fall into one of three people on this one. Muscle Up Crew- Find sets you can bite off, nothing ugly. Catch clean and dip out. If you have to grind one out drop and take a break. Find a weight you can catch in a squat and move deliberately. These can be singles or touch and go reps. Muscle Up Unicorns- We'll just assume you have been working diligently since 15.3. See if you can find a coach to give you a boost on the back or scale to the number you can get and finish with 2x Chest to bar pull ups The Muscle Upless - The easy sub is burpee chest to bar pull ups. If those aren't in your tool kit yet the coach will find the best solution during the WOD and we need to work on getting some pull ups after the WOD