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This is a partner work out with fight gone bad like timing. Partner one starts off with the dumbbells then progresses to the next station every minute. Partner two does not start on the run. The run is meant to be finished in around 2 minutes. If you cannot finish the run in around two minutes scale the distance or work harder. Start the Dumbbell Curtis P with a DB Deadlift Burpee, then hang clean, lunge right and left  and finish with a press. This is a little different than a typical Curtis P but thought it was easier to say Curtis P The DBDLBPCLRTLLTPP. No I don't know who Curtis P is but he must have been a bad MOFO. Yes we are climbing ropes again but its only to ten feet so have fun with the lower standard it should make an interesting jumping drill. finish the lifting section with a DB snatch.  after the 3rd minute Partner two starts the DB complex and Partner one runs a 400.