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"The most important thing about my pitching is that I'm satisfied, that I know I'm being the best pitcher I can be."

- Jim Palmer

This is one 15 minute AMRAP with 2 sections ( 10 minute then 5 minute). For some this may be your last work out before 15.5 so we just want to get loose,touch some bases. If you are competing on Friday go at about 80% if you aren't in the open or are over it get fancy with it and so what you can do.

Maintain good, tight position on the toes to bar ( no scorpion back).  Nothing fancy about the push ups but your hips may not touch the ground during a set ( say no to ground sex). Hold good torso position on the Air squats , avoid the standing sit up. During the 5 minute section keep the swings heavy and to eye height, keep the midline tight and remember stripper butts are for the club not kettlebell swings. Double Unders should be under a minute ( scale or perform accordingly)