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This is a partner WOD. Athletes progress through the movements baseball style ( in order no overlapping, can't start with bases loaded. These are small sets so breaking them up should not be the case. This is a partner WOD and two people can work at a time but the goals isn't 24 continuous minutes of movement. Try and move in 3minute segments with 1-2 min rest.

Movement Standards

DB Push Up- one hand is on floor, other hand on the head of the DB. Explode into a push up end with other hand on bell. This is one rep. At no point in this or any other push up variation o should your hips touch the ground ( AKA ground sex) This is a no rep and brings shame to your family and friends.

DB Split Snatch- One DB, land in a split stance,feet together,stand tall, switch and repeat.

Rope Climb - Figure it out. Row - Gently and merily