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Single arm KB work can be tricky. The Crossfitter tendency is to try and clean it like a barbell. This results in the bruised forearms and horrified looks on coaches faces. It is not a barbell with perfecto balance sleeves, knurling and silky spin (mmm barbells). It is a cannonball with a handle, an odd object. Performed correctly its just as cool (not really just as cool but cool for 53 lbs). Complete at least 25 reps before you move onto the next movement. You are welcome to do the entire work out with one arm. I would recommend against this if possible. Maybe split each side equally. Every time you drop the bell or stop moving ( balancing the bell in you lap,shoulder or head is a stop) complete 50 DU. The Rxed weight is 53/35, this is a guideline. If you can handle heavier or need to go lighter please do. If you can't clean a KB without looking like a toddler wrestling a fire hose lets just work on that skill outside of a WOD. Simplify things a bit to hand to hand swings,jerks,goblet squats & thrusters