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Happy St Patricks day! I searched for some good Irish WODs but I couldn't find anything that didn't involve burpees and booze so I twisted up a classic girl. Running is back, stay tuned for run WOD days and times. For many this is the first time you have been running in a few monthes. It's 400m (considered a sprint)not a 5 k  so don't jog/recover. Run like your evading an angry leprechaun.  Pay attention to your run times. Swings, yes they are heavy and American.There aren't too many so if you can handle the weight with out cracking your skull or sticking your ass out like a stripper go for it. If your lats are so tight that you can't straighten your arms or have to peak your head through to achieve the standard stop at eye level or go a little heavier and do Russian swings (88-106/52-70) Once again small sets so keeping good clean form ( no scorpion kips) and going unbroken is reasonable. Feel free to Irish this up a bit by wearing green and finishing with a Guinness recovery shake (it's good for you).

Irish Recovery Drink

1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

1 Scoop Protein Powder

1 Guiness

Feel free to sub the protein and ice cream with some good irish whiskey