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This is a a short couplet finished off with a sprint. On the hang power snatch keep everything above the knee and close to the body. No wide gripped kettlebell swings-Snatch it like an athlete, not a monkey! The HSPU should be to a deficit 3-6" if possible. The numbers are small and manageable. If you're a ninja blast through them. If not find a set grouping that keeps you consistent. Only kip if you can go to a deficit, other wise go strict. If you can't do either practice hand stands outside of the WOD and sub 2-3x push ups ( no ground sex). In the sprint section make sure your racing to finish Unbroken American Kettlebell Swings and deliberate burpees ( no resting ). The Over The Rower Burpees may be stupid but you need to be prepared to deal with different challenges as they come up. Jump laterally over the rower. Finish with an all out 60 cal sprint.