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New Obstacle Course Training Class time

Good luck to everyone doing the Spartan Race this weekend. Here's a quick video that might help get over some of the obstacles. Starting next week we will move to Saturdays at 10:00 right after the Team WOD. Tristan Chamberlin will be coaching the OCT. Here is a bit about Tristan:
The Who: I am former skate punk turned boxing instructor, turned obstacle course racing junky. I have over 10 years of experience working as an extreme sports instructor and was a trainer for 4yrs at Camp Woodward the worlds foremost training ground for professional Skateboarders, Bikers, Rollerbladers, and other extreme sport athletes. The Why: When your younger you take things for granted. For me it was skating. Ive been skateboarding and rollerblading since I was 7yrs old. I spent almost my whole life getting all of my fitness from skating. It wasn't until I got married and a real job that I realized how important skating was to my physical fitness. I had responsibilities now and I didn't have the time to skate 7days a week. Eventually I found myself struggling to stay fit and even worse finding a workout that could replicate the type of workout I was used to getting from skating. That's when my wife signed me up for my first Obstacle Course Race. After that first race I was hooked. I had a new passion in life and now I needed to find a new way to practice and train for it.  By combining my experience as an extreme sports instructor/athlete with what I learned from being a boxing instructor I created a new training regime that would prepare myself and others for the unique physical and mental challenges that are encounter during these races.