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2015 FC Challenge Test In Info

Here is a Link to The Challenge Test In <a href="" target="_blank">Heat Schedule</a> . So far it's wide open. To claim or arrange your time  please send an email to and we will enter you. Times are first come first serve. If you need to change/trade a time please confirm via email.  If you do not pick a time we will do so on Friday. Here is how Test in will work Sunday- At your assigned heat time you will get your body fat and weight assessment and begin to warm up for the squat. The squat will start at 9:20 after the squat the entire heat will progress to the WOD area to do the test in WOD, You will turn in a score sheet with your Athlete number,name, squat weight, and wod score to the interns ( they haven't earned names yet). Following the WOD or before your assigned time (after 9 AM) there will be someone available to help you download the app and explain the point game. We may need some help with judging so if you can stick around that would be great. &nbsp;