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2015 CrossFit Games Open at Fit Club

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt I reflected on this quote a lot during the first few years of the gym. When exposure for CrossFit and resources to do it were limited I used it for inspiration to build a gym and a community to enhance people's pursuit of the awesome.  Now things are quite a bit different but the spirit of CrossFit is still the same. "Here is the WOD, focus on what you can do, do your best and leave it all in the gym." A pretty simple concept. We have gone from anonymous and barefoot in the mud to being fully outfitted in an arena broadcast on the worlds biggest sports network. It's pretty  awesome when you think about it. The Open is our annual test of fitness. Is our programming and our effort working, Are we getting fitter, what are we weak at, how do we "measure"against the field? The open can create a lot of anxiety, doubt, joy and satisfaction. Most of that has less to do with your final evaluation than the value you got or gave from it. Did you confront the day, did you challenge mediocrity did you get out of your comfort zone. Did you smash some walls and set some new standards for your life?  Lots of things have changed but Fit Club and CrossFit are still really just about those things. We use the body to develop the mind, we also exercise fast because it's fun. The community at Fit Club and around the world exists in no small part because of the Open. Every year the CrossFit Open pushes us out of our comfort zone. Many times at first we think the test is unreasonable but eventually everyone rises to the occasion. Never haves become always wills and in the process of tackling these challenges people become invincible. Aside from personal challenges The Open can present a number of challenges as to how we  operate a regular class (heats,time domains,equipment, scaled vs Rxed ,new twists, etc).  After the WOD is announced we will make a plan and move forward with the weekend. What do you need to know? Look for a blog announcement with specific instructions Thursday night. As every WOD is different some plans may change but here is the basic schedule of how things are going to go down over the next five weeks Thursday- 8 PM WOD announced , "OMG, I am totally going to kill that/piss myself."  We may arrange small groups to compete late Thursday. If you would like to do this please let me know. Friday- The Open WOD will be the regular class WOD, "OMG, I just killed that/pissed myself." Show up at the regular WOD time on Friday ready to rock and roll. We will warm up and set up for 15-20 minutes and run heats if neccesary. Please come prepared to judge if needed as anyone posting a score will need to be judged. Saturday- Team WOD Only, Open Make Ups by appointment. No it is not cool to just do the open WOD in the middle of a class, DO NOT ask the coach if you can do that. If the WOD set up allows for us to have an open gym type format in the Olympic lifting  or other space we will. If you need special arrangements you should do so with a coach before hand. If any special sessions are arranged we will announce on social media. Sunday- Regular scheduled programming, Open WODs by appointment. Same as Saturday. Monday-Regular scheduled programming, Open WODs by appointment. Registration- You can register to compete here This gives you access to the worldwide leaderboard and scaled or Rxed allows you to compare your scores to a larger community for $20. If this isn't your thing that's fine, maybe next time, we will still be doing the WODs on Friday. If you do not register thats really ok but please don't ask for special arrangements to redo the WOD Scores: Scores must be submitted by 5 PM PST each Monday. If you have registered please make sure your score is entered in time , we will make sure everything is validated as timely as possible. Judges- Anyone can judge in the open under the supervision of a coach. If you have been training with us you are more than qualified. You do NOT need to take the judges course unless you want to continue judging at Regionals or the Games. If you have the time the Judges course is a beneficial process toward your fitness goals. It does a good job of reinforcing movement standards. The more you know the better you will move. Make ups- We will do everything we can to make sure you get the best score possible but unless you are doing a make up because of a goal you have shared with a coach beforehand there really aren't many good reasons to redo these WODs. Doing the same work out repeatedly is a good way to get the dreaded "overuse" and/or just have a shitty weekend (in some studies it has been linked to the dwindling polar ice cap). Doing the same WOD repeatedly isn't going to kill anyone but it's not really what we are about. If you train with us regularly, you are ready. Most of you have been training to do a really great job and have a fun time with the work outs -once. We have prepared others to do the same thing repeatedly. Sometimes this can be less fun but they are about to do some epic shit. "The mind grows by what it feeds on." - J. G. Holland A positive attitude and positive self talk will go along way over the next five weeks. You slept great, ate great, feel great. You are ten feet tall and bullet proof, You are infuckingvincible. There may one day be words to articulate your fitness badassery but even they will be inadequate. These weights are afraid of you, you are one bad mofo. You have worked very,very hard, do your best, with what you have ,where you are and smash some walls.