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2013 FC Winter Challenge

Get yourself and your team ready. The 2013 FC Winter Challenge is coming up fast so now any extra holiday pounds can be of use to you. Here is what you need to know. Who- You and 3 friends 2 guys and 2 girls( yes they have to be members) What- A 12 week health,weight loss and performance challenge. You will be paired up with a Coach and all will compete for individual and team prizes in multiple categories and special challenges. We will use a similar system to last year to track points and determine winner ( tracking wod performance,water,sleep, food & recovery). When- We will begin with health assessment and performance testing on January 11 & 12th. Final results will be determined after the test out on April 27th. Informational meeting January 4th at 6 PM Stupid Questions "How is it different from last year?"- We added a team element for fun and accountability, were giving each team a coach, there is more prizes ( for coaches and members) and the test in and out will be an FC Games type event. "I'm already ripped and healthy why would I do this?" To have fun with friends and prove you are as ripped & healthy as you think. You will get  blood work, body fat analysis, blood pressure,weight and fitness asessment. "12 weeks, why so long?" Contrary to informercial education it takes longer than 90 days to get in really great shape and the rest of your life to stay there. Besides if you cant work out and take care of your self consistently for 3 months what are you doing? "Do I have to eat Paleo, Cuz I think a lot of creations from modern industrial agriculture are perfectly designed for me to eat" - Wow you have a lot of questions but no you don't need to eat natural foods to participate. You can eat nothing but endangered twinkies if its what you  and your coach choose but the point scoring system is based on natural food. "one more question"- Burpees! come to the meeting on 4th