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Last Call

Every year we stick with some tradition and add in a few new things. Thanks to Josh, Dave and Payton we added standards videos. I had a blast shooting and watching them and think it set the tone for the day and helps establish some standards- How many people actually tried to push press while riding an airdyne ( post time, loads and calories to comments)


This event wouldn’t be what it is if a) my sister didn’t have the idea and b) we didn’t get a lot of great photos to post on social media. Thank you to Kim, Josh, Trevor, Cheryl and all the other photographers for capturing the day and thanks to Jackie and Kenny for all the Facebook,Twitter and Instagram updates.

Every event has two jobs that are hardest to find volunteers for- scoring and judging. Thankfully this wasn’t a problem.

Scoring- Shelly, Mac, Kari and all the other that pitched in to get it all straight thank you. You stepped in to a stressful situation and made sense of it. To my Dad that has supported me my entire life and throughout the day Thank You for teaching me how to fall down, get up, think and work.

No rep! this comes hard to a lot of people and they kinda hide from it but we had a lot of great people step up and make sure everyone got a fair shot and kept the event rolling. Thank You.

Location,location,location. Thank you to Marshal, Don and the crew at Scioto Audubon Metro Park  for allowing us to hold our little company picnic in the park. Traveling to a new site every year was kinda cool but I look forward to staying put at home for awhile.

Along with brick scars and ripped hands we try and make sure everyone goes home with a little something to remember the event. This year Seek & Destroy Apparel and Kristen created the coolest volunteer and athlete shirts we have had yet. Along with a case to each winner Kill Cliff  and Snowville Creamery also provided enough samples to keep everyone "recovered" and ready for what was up next. Special thanks to Doug and Hyperfit Systems for prize money and and guidance. I have learned many things from Doug, first among them regardless of the question more often than not -Squat more is the answer. If your not paying attention to what he is doing, Start!

TowerLast but not least I would like to Thank all the Fit Club staff and community for being the glue that pulls it all together. Dave, Kristin,Vince, Mark,Ryan,Jim,Kandi,Chelsea, John, Jim ,Matt , Drew and the whole gym (the ones who know it's not a box). You were the ultimate crossfit representation of event help. You didn't do one thing you did everything. Before, during and after the event you just handled it . Thank you very much.

Every year I wonder if I'm going to do it again and by the end I have a few hundred ideas on how to make it better than the past. We have already started planning for next year. Look forward to everything that sucked (in a bad way ) to improve and all the awesome stuff to get a little more out of hand. Thank you to all the people that made it a great day. See you all next year.