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15.3 Schedule & Strategy

If you have been whining and complaining about opening the WOD with Muscle Ups please STFU and stop reading. This is a good work out and it is totally reasonable in a test of the world's fittest. I'm a little disappointed in the level of challenge offered in the scaled division but at least it's an interesting way to get someone to do 150 wallballs. Strategy for Muscle Uppers Muscle Ups- Do as many as you can with out getting labored or grindy. Stop, drop and stay consistent, no misses. Wallball- These will never feel better (until minute 16) just pick your set grouping and stick to it. Take measured breaks and go when it's time to go. Not when it feels better (it will not feel better). Just remember the ball isn't 30/20# and it's not 12' so they should be easy(er) Double Under- It's just jump rope. One to two minutes tops. Don't let misses beat you up just keep going. Strategy for Muscle Up Unicorns ( those who's MU's are a mythical beast) First, quit bitching about 15.3 and get ready for 16.3. Every open has had Muscle Ups and every open has gotten more technical. You are part of an evolving sport. So evolve! Prep your MU with a lot of practice reps and mobility. We have every MU assistance toy on the market this should not be a problem. On go look up at the rings and try. Maybe you get it, maybe you don't but remember this moment. If you get that first MU awesome, if not shake it off and get back to training. DO NOT just get frustrated and move on to DU or WB because you "want a work -out". What you want is a MU and you won't get it chasing a WOD buzz you will get it by being determined and working at it. If you end up with a zero so be it , thats better than not trying. Next time it's time to work on something extra do some MU drills, ask a  coach for help, take some action but don't be in these same shoes in 2016. Don'y buy into the idea that some people just can't do certain things. You are already light years from where you were just do the work and get where you want to be. Strategy for Scaled Division Wallballs- See above, I would maybe pace a little more aggressively as the single unders are an active rest station and there isn't a high skill event to be fresh for Single Unders - These can be tiring but you won't waste a lot of time missing, just keep moving. For many it will be hard not to go faster ( DU speed) just relax and move through it. Gym Game Plan Friday - Every week through the Open Fridays WOD is the Open. Saturday -the Gym will be open from 9-12. You can use the Extra Credit rig to do the WOD on your own ( just get your own judge) Sunday- By appointment ( email for appointment) 11:30-2:00. Some people will be going from 12-2. You may join but please confirm your attendance.