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15.2 Game Plan and Strategery

I like this repeat. Two classic movements- basic weightlifting and gymnastics. Here's how we will handle it. Schedule Friday- 6A,7A,9:30 AM,12 PM,4:30,5:30 & 6:30, 15.2 is Class WOD Saturday - Make ups by appointment. Team WOD 9-10 is as scheduled, if you can get your own judge and do it on your own you are welcome but the gym will only be open from 9-10:30 Sunday- make ups by appointment The Gym will be open from 11-3 for you to make up the WOD. An area will be set up for you to do it on your own. You will need to provide your own Judge. If you need help with a judge or need a coaches approval please email to confirm an appointment Strategery In general I'm not the biggest game day strategy guy. You can compare to last year or when we did it again on 12/17/14. Outside of a few things regarding pacing and technique you are what your score says you are. Depending on your failure point redoes may get you a few reps or a lot but the real solution is to be fitter not out think the WOD. The biggest difference between elite performances and the average ones is  the breaks. Do not expect it to make you feel better. Pick up the bar up when you plan to whether they feel refreshed or destroyed. Set you your plan and work it.