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15.1 & 15.1 A @ Fit Club

Before I say anything how bout a nice little golf clap and fuck yeah for CrossFit. I really like this.  A lot of pull and not much push but I'm guessing it will balance out over the next few weeks. The WOD 15.1 Rxd AMRAP 9 min 15- Toes to Bar 10 - Deadlift 115/75 5- Snatch-115/75 15.1 Scaled 15 hanging knee raises 10 deadlifts 85 / 55 5 snatches 85 / 55 15.1A 6 minutes to set a max Clean and Jerk Tie break is heaviest lift in pounds then lowest bodyweight, please make sure your weight is accurate on your games profile The Schedule We will go with our planned schedule, Class WOD Friday and appointments the rest of the weekend. As anything else develops we will announce. Make ups during regular gym hours may be done in the extra credit section. Please let us know if your coming for a make up and bring your own judge. WOD Plan This is straight forward Crossfit. We will do a general warm up,prep the lifts and get an idea of 15.1A weights and start heats at 30 after the hour. We will set up just like any other class. Please make sure that your extra 15.1A weights are set up in the designated areas  ( no shit shows). The set up is the same for Rxed and Scaled. Strategy Do as many reps as you can then lift as much as you can. If anything else develops we'll let you know.