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13.5 and FC Challenge Test Out

The FC Challenge comes to a close this Saturday with health & performance testing from 8-1ish. Here is the TEST OUT Schedule DOC you can use it to find your exact times. DO NOT CUT IN LINE.
 13.5 is going down tonight at the gym from 4:30-6:30 PM
After 12 weeks of the challenge and 5 weeks of the Open I hope you have learned a lot about yourself. I hope that you have reached many of your goals and are ready to move on to new ones. As you Approach 13.5 and or the test out I wanted to put out some motivating words. Something like leave it all out there, kick ass and take names, go till the wheels fall off and your lungs and hands bleed. Yah all that stuff, but then I came across this today and I thought it a little more appropriate. This isn't just about one moment but also what you carry forward to the next moment. Hopefully it's a spring board to more awesome, whether that be regionals, the games or the constant pursuit of being better.
So enjoy the it wont happen again, until the next time. Now go  leave it all out there, kick some ass, go till  your lungs and hands bleed.