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You've got to be confident when you're competing. You've got to be a beast. Gabby Douglas

Just a few days left to the Open, are you signed up? Any predictions? I'll put a few of mine below and keep up as the weeks progress. Today we will work on some swings, push ups and burpees. Swings should be all the way American and again light and fast. The push ups are a versions we don't do often, release at the bottom. Your chest ( not hips) should rest on the ground and pick your hands up off the ground by pinching your shoulder bladed together. Following the six minutes of swings and push ups will be an immediate two minute burpee fest. Don't spend a lot of time on strategy for this one just throw yourself on the floor and get up as fast as possible for 2 minutes. Figure out what it feels like and where you fall off, this will be useful in the open. 16.1 Predictions. Im not going to try and guess what is going to happen. I'm just going to put out what I think they should do. Trying to predict an event claiming to test the unknown and unknowable  can be fun but I'm not sure I think this is a bit more interesting. What would I do if I had a create a WOD for over 200,000 people. Time - I would start with an AMRAP at Eight minutes , not too short not too long. Easy time and format to deal with the masses Movements- I would include a weighted element, gymnastics element and a mono structural element. Lets get all the different ingredients in there and make a special WOD cookie. I like starting simple and building to more complex stuff. So lets use a deadlift, push up and since running is hard to capture on camera lets sub either double unders or box jumps. For short range WOD I like small sets that do't give you much reason to stop. WOD FC 16.1 Prediction/this is what it should be cuz I said so.

AMRAP8 min


15-Push Up w/ Release

 90-Double Under