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You gotta love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass. Frank Sinatra

I started reading quotes about standards, hoped into some Kanye quotes about how to be the worlds biggest douche and ended up with Frank. First lets take a look at the Rxed WOD and then we get into some modifications. Start off pretty simple with some box jumps. Nothing long just a nice manageable 12 reps. Make sure you land fully on the box and open your hips completely before breaking contact with the top of the box. STEP DOWN! There isn't necessarily a common standard of having your feet  completely on the box but it is a good way to encourage a bigger take off, rise of the foot and forward momentum. All of these things will reduce shin destruction, so will lowering the jump height Again nine reps isn't crazy don't be in a hurry. Stay focused on good position. Swinging or muscling the barbell up is going to have an impact on the HSPU and the box jumps are going to fatigue your hips.Stay focused on a good start position and all the right positions on the way up (knee,thigh, hip). It is a heavy swing ,it's not  heavy snatch, stay focused. Handstand pushups are really just a great way to challenge the key components ( midline stability and pressing strength) of the regular push ups. If you cannot do them it is because you either don't have enough strength to compensate for your lack of balance and stability or don't have enough balance and stability to compensate for your lack of strength. Or you are just not very strong or balanced. If you can stand on your hands pretty god but can't press full range of motion strict and overhead pressing movements are your best solution. If you can do a lot of push ups but your body shuts off upside down then hand stands  are your best bet. Not so hot at either? Congrats you are normal but there is still hope for you to become abnormal but lets pick one component at a time to work on for a bit.  The best route really depends but the first requirement, can you do 20- Chest to deck push ups. If not no worries but lets solve that problem first. From a pace standpoint lets approach this one of a few ways. A) I'm a competitor, either in the open or life in general. Do it Rxed as much as you can with out getting completely (15 minutes) stuck. This may mean getting up the courage to jump for 14:30 then scoring two box jumps. Not the most beneficial conditioning session but you just set your standard a little higher and thats pretty damn important. B) I just want to work out and have good time- Awesome modify to some fun , beneficial levels and let it rip. You are not going to set any records today but thats ok let you light shine you crazy diamond.