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It has been a few monthes since we had a rig. It's taken all of my patience and a lot of hard work from many others but now it's time to start doing some hanging and pulling.  We are going to enjoy the rig and work on all our favorite skills but it is important to ease back into it. The break has been good for your shoulders and elbows. We will keep the class and skill volume steady and consistent. There is a lot of cool things sets up and you are welcome to use the extra credit area (just be considerate of extra classes) to try things out but be smart, live to fight another day, show some restraint and we'll be back and better in a week or so. If you don't have your pull ups yet don't worry its no different than anything else we do. The coaches will find a progression you can work with to help you develop the skill and you will be doing pull ups  sooner than you think.