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If you take oxygen for Granted or want to know what it's like to suck on a tailpipe,breathe through a straw or climb a mountain this is the WOD for you. The row should be a sprint and the front rack hold is an active rest station. Hold the dumbbells together under the chin and maintain good upright torso/midline position ( keep the string straight). The FR Hold forces you to stay really tight in the midline and makes big deep breathes (getting more O2) more of a challenge. ┬áTraining this helps develop the ability to do it with out a lot of thought during other activities and as much as it sucks it can be really valuable. It also doesn't require you to look like a douche and wear an oxygen mask in the gym.     1908440_1424358687810760_6937241289885093178_n   If you already know what it's like to breathe through a straw and you don't need to figure out what it's like to breathe through a needle maybe we can scale back and do plank or push up holds. That would be Schwelz.