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WOD anywhere

Jump Ropes, kettlebells and dumbbells oh my! All this stuff is great cause you can put it in your trunk or carry it over to the park ( the one where a big event in August is happening) and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. If you get a chance, do this outside! Use your fitness to do some cool shit, not just train. ¬†Almost six years ago we invited a few friends, loaded all our stuff in a truck, took it to a park, evacuated some kickballers and threw the first Columbus Area Throwdown. We did NOT know what we were doing but it was fun as hell and I think it has really impacted a lot of people. This year we are going to do it all again on August 8th. We have a few more friends, a lot more stuff and the park is bigger but we still want to have as much fun as possible. All of this requires your help. ¬†It simply cannot happen with out the help of a lot of awesome volunteers. There simply aren't too many things going on in the world where you get to be part of this much awesome. So please sign up to volunteer. Volunteer Here