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WOD 12.2- The winter will ask what you did all summer

Well, winter is here (metaphorically if not realistically) and its asking -did you work on your Oly lifts this summer. Yes, 10 minutes of progressively heavier snatches is no day in the park but really shut your snatch! You are capable of 20 times more that you think you are.  Most of you couldn’t do 100 pull-ups, push ups or squats when we started,but you can now because we asked and expected it of you.  Maybe that expectation gave you some belief or maybe you were just embarrassed to quit, what ever the reason, in the end we put a challenge in front of you and you made a choice to rise to it and face it. Along the way, some haven’t risen to the challenge, they listened to all the negative self talk in their head, accepted their excuses and when it got too tough they quit. We have a term for those people and you know what I’m talking about. You are not one of those people.  You have all tackled some knarley shit. Many times I have sat back and said” shit, I didn’t think they could do that” but you did and this is no different. It may not be the most balanced test of physical fitness but it sure as hell is a worthy mental toughness test and you rise to those. Before you start second guessing your choice to compete or set low expectations for yourself remember why your doing it. Your doing it to see what your best is, you're doing it to get better. Who cares what anyone else thinks. You’re doing it because your part of something a little bigger than one work out.  Call it a community, a team, a movement what ever.You have the ability to inspire those around you to pursue some awesome. So when you stare at the bar and don’t think you can do it just remember this: Leslie got 52 reps, that may not get her to the games but its 22 reps of a PR.  Out of respect for Leslie I'm not even going to swear ,F@#$ing awesome! Not sure about you but that makes me want to do something cool. You also have friends getting shot at so we can have the freedom to talk about snatch and other friends right now doing this so one day they can have the privelage of getting shot at so we can continue to work out in the street and rant about snatch. So maybe your not as prepared as you want to be but your as prepared as your going to be. Take a deep breath, think positive, see your sucesss and go for it. We will be drilling and performing 12.2 in every WOD Thursday and Sunday from 2-5PM and by scheduled appointments. If you are smart you will go to Olympic lifting tonight and Sunday from 12-2 and get to work. The past has already happened, it doesn’t exist The future hasn’t happened it doesn’t exist All you really have is this moment, embrace it! Doubt can be ended by action alone.