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Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. - Gordon B. Hinckley

Sweet sixteen. The time domain is in the middle of being short and sweet (ten minutes) and slogging on into the twenty minute arena of doom. Don't start off too fats on the burpees, find a pace you can keep up with for around a 60-90 seconds. The overhead squats should be unbroken, adjust the weight accordingly. If you OHS position is really good and your pretty fluent with muscle ups you can creep the weight up a bit. Now here come the real questions. If you think you can get through the muscle ups and in 2-3 sets in under 90 seconds go for it. If not you have some things to work on. See the below Muscle Up Unicorn- you got a muscle up, that one time and that guy in the shorts that comes to the 6 AM sometimes saw it.  Let's see if we can find that MU in the wod prep and go with either shoot thru us or that one Muscle up in the WOD, just don't get bogged down staring at the rings NewPOMU- New Parent of Muscle Up- This is the person that just got a MU and has to check it everyday to make sure it is still alive. Its does matter if the skin is flayed from your hands you are going to try a MU before you leave the gym, it's not going to die on your watch. Lets go with sets of 1-3 and try to get as much good skill work in the WOD as we can, no grinding or ring staring.