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Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop. " Yes, I quoted Grey's Anatomy

Remember when I said we were going to kick it up? This is what I was talking about. Don't worry you are either A. up for it or B. will be fine once the coaches plug your info into the scaling machine. Google hardest Crossfit WOD on Earth and this is what you will get. If you get something else please let me know. Why is it so hard, said she? The simple answer is because thrusters and burpees just plain suck and mixing them together is the peanut butter and chocolate of stuff that sucks. For a little more detail I propose this ( I have studied it with zero oversight and hundrousands of people on the internet, it is true. you should buy stuff because of these marketing bullshit scientific facts) Thrusters (AKA Chocolate) require moving a large load a long distance quickly. Your entire body has to stay stable so that every ounce of force gets delivered into the bar. Just like our rack holds yesterday, this makes it kinda hard to breath and wears out the engine. They are also kinda heavy ( and a lot of reps) so your legs along with the rest of your muscles get pretty tired. It's hard for them to keep producing energy locally ( at the muscle) and further exacerbates the engine issue. Chocolate is  not paleo but amazing, Thrusters just suck. Burpees (AKA Peanut Butter) are a less complex movement. Gravity basically does half of the work but then you have to brace and absorb the impact then pop back up. This can cycle pretty fast enabling your heart to slam up and down making delivering oxygen to the system even harder. The little jump at the end is enough to squeeze what is left out of your quads ( thus making the thrusters worse) and burpees also just suck ( they may be paleo) All of this mixed together for about 20 minutes makes the rest of your life feel amazing. Remember as long as you don't lay on your back you killed it.