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What a long strange trip it's been

We will start adding notes and key points for the week  here on Sunday night/Monday morning. Here what I need from you. Don't over think it, pay attention,train on purpose but if you need to come to the gym on a Wednesday cuz thats how life works out don't look at the WOD and say "oh I can t do that" just show up and communicate with the coach whats going on. We all get better that way. While you're at it grab some friends and get them to the gym as well. The last few weeks have entailed a lot of volume. You have done well and now it's almost time to back off a bit. Today is the last hard push for a week. What does this mean? We build up and push,skills,strength and /or intensity for predetermined time periods then we back off and regroup a bit. This ensures you can handle the challenges we throw at you and still keep getting better with out crashing and burning. What this looks like this week is more focus on technique and less reps and weight. Work outs should still be challenging but we aren't looking for all out effort. Just focus on the skills, get loose and sweaty  and enjoy the ride. Today is the last really hard WOD until next week, so make the most of it. For now we have three rounds of six reps of some fun stuff. I wonder why I'm so obsessed with the number 6. The loading and skill requirement are high. Elite level athletes should not have too big a problem with this. Rx athletes should be able to handle all the movements at the 135/95 loading. Scaling. First no WOD heros, get it done under 15 or you fucked it up in the loading. Scale the load for the barbell movements to about 70% of the limiting lift.  Sub the ring complex to 6 Toes to bar and 6 Burpee Pull ups. Even better sub 12 Shoot through for the whole complex and ask a coach to get you on a pull ups,dip, muscle up plan. Skills- Today we are focused on the WOD and the skills it requires. We will spend 20 minutes on Ring Muscle Ups, drills and progressions. Once we assess who is doing what in the WOD we will teach the barbell skills in the WOD.