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Fight Gone bad is a classic CrossFit benchmark. It was originally designed for a UFC fighter .When asked if it felt like a fight he said it felt like a fight gone bad. Whether or not the WOD closely mimics a three round fight I'm not sure. In a lot of regards it makes sence if any of you are preparing for a title fight with the dick in accounting/IT/Legal/HR... just let me know and I'll get to work doing some special modifications. For our general purposes we are going to back off a bit and take Three minutes rest between rounds as opposed to 1 minutes. Usually there is a steady drop off in reps each round. Lets reverse that and try to get more reps each round. This is not call to relax in the first few rounds but a directive to really push. If you want to get fast,move fast. The weights are light and this is a fixed weight and station WOD so if you are capable of getting a rep in a minute do it, don't scale here. With one exception the movements are straight forward, focus on good mechanics then speed then intensity ( good form,move fast,do it again faster) The one curve ball is the Sumo Deadlift High Pull. This is a fundamental CrossFit HQ movement. Outside of competition prep I am not really a big fan of it and even then there are a dozen other movements better at training the skills and capacity needed to excel at it. This doesn't mean never just not often in my opinion. It is good at using a lot of your body to move a relatively large load (just not in this case) quickly but form can break down quick and it can kind of put your shoulders in a precarious position. On the other hand if your are training  to assert your dominance with an atomic wedgie on that dick in accounting/IT/Legal/HR  then there is no better movement to prepare you to tear some cotton and hurt some feelings.