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Wanna Play CrossFit?

Summer is almost over, not really but but follow along. Just prior to the CrossFit games we finished up about a 11 month training program and I must say it ended up pretty damn good. For those of you that made it the whole way congrats. You're probably now looking at your records to try and figure out what comes next. While we may repeat some wods and some aspects of the strength program we also learned a few things and have a few new ideas to test out. We will be "playing CrossFit" for the next week then we will start to delve into our next heavy strength cycle ( More on that later). It is always important to keep it light and fun in training but you need to schedule a some time to pull your foot off the accelerator from time to time. last week and this week are a few of those time. Ok so what does that mean? Come to the gym as you would on your normal schedule. Class will operate the same way it always has. The WODs will be hard but they will not be CrossFit games hard. Get in there play exercise, cool down, relax , rinse and repeat.